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Term Two and we are studying "Society and Technology". This term we will be learning about the language forms, features and structures that create meaning, the connections between texts, and the way that meaning is shaped by the context of the composer and responder.

The area of study is all about technology-
Key questions are:
How has technology made us who we are? How have we responded to changes in technology? What do we fear? What do we hope for? What will tomorrow look like? How does the use of technology change texts?

The assessment task, due in week 6, will be a podcast or Vodcast.

Ms Hasking

Week 1:
Sci Fi, Nuclear fears and predictions of the future - Ray Bradbury's short stories.

Week 2:
Issues to do with technology; censorship, control, plagiarism, theft, advertisement.

Week 3:

translating ideas to different forms- Hunger Games and technology, Rives- poem to vodcast.
Rives "If I controlled the internet".

Week 4:

Assessment information
example podcasts and vodcasts
Criteria creation

Week 5:

Assessment work

Week 6:

Technology and imagination- steam punk