English Studies

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Dear Students and caregivers.
English Studies is a content endorsed course that covers the mandatory English requirement for stage 6. It counts towards a HSC, but not an ATAR. The course is focused on real-world English skills and on student interest areas. Through Wilvandee, the course will be delivered to a combined group of year 11 and 12 students, but the work will be modified so that students develop greater ability to analyse, evaluate and explain in year 12. For that reason, you will often see two sets of tasks for each week that are slightly different. Please make sure to do the tasks for your year level.

This Term we are studing Film and multimedia texts. We will be learning how audio-visual texts are created and the techniques used to manipulate our emotions and tell a story. We will be experimenting with developing our own mini games and movie scripts.

These activities will help us develop the real-world work skills of: analysis, evaluation, problem solving, reading, writing, producing, editing and working collaboratively. Some of them may even be fun to do!

Please see attached further information about the course.

Ms Hasking

Links for Thursday 14.2.13
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mN6coIJ202g 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit?' intro
'Who Framed Roger Rabbit?' Script

Step 1: Print out the script extract
Step 2: Watch the intro
Step 3: Re-watch the intro, and highlight key features of the script- note how it is written.
Step 4: Watch the intro to a film of your choice and write a script for the first 5 minutes, remembering to include sound effects and movement as well as spoken lines.

Remember to send Ms Hasking all homework for the week:

Due Today
Film techniques in opening sequence list (year 11) or paragraph (year 12)
Film narrative structure

Due Monday